Black Tech Pipeline X FOX Corporation 📺

FOX Corporation is hiring for 9 tech roles across the US🧑🏾‍💻

Fox Corporation is an umbrella of divisions that deliver entertainment and news. They have FOX Sports, FOX Entertainment, FOX Television Stations, FOX News, and more. FOX departments work together to deliver the best shows to their viewers. This collaboration is made up of the diverse ideas of their employees.


Fox believes that the way to get the best programing is to have representation that reflects their viewers during the planning of the entertainment. Diversity allows them to bring together the ideas of their employees who come from different backgrounds, from all over the world. Also, to ensure that diversity and inclusion is felt through the corporation, they have various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that welcome all Fox employees.


To Fox, equity means that everyone is different and needs different resources to succeed. Fox wants all of their employees to be included and feel welcomed. They actively hold open forums for employees of all levels to voice their independent concerns, feedback, and requests.


Fox encourages their employees to share their diverse experiences, ideas and perspectives. They want all voices to feel welcomed and heard with empathy , and without judgement, in a safe space. Fox holds panels, inclusion education series, social events, and other activations to create spaces where employees can be transparent and tell their stories. They also collaborate with external organizations that help to grow and improve their community.

Fox Corporation currently has 9 remote, hybrid and on-site openings in New York, Arizona, and Los Angeles. Some of those roles include Product Manager in Commerce, Senior Backend Developer, Junior iOS developer, and Site Reliability Engineer. Learn more about Fox internally and apply to their current openings here🎉

Big opportunity for Philly & Pittsburgh residents interested in learning to code! 💻

Resilient Coders pays & teaches people of color from underserved communities to code. They’re recruiting for their next cohort on June 16, 2021. Don’t miss out!

Black Tech Pipeline interviewed the Resilient Coders team to learn more about how they pay and teach people of color to code and helps them to acquire jobs after they’ve completed the program.

What is the Resilient Coders mission? What problem is RC solving?

Resilient Coders is the future of workforce development: One that is unapologetically and radically equity-led. The vehicle through which we do our work is a highly competitive nonprofit coding bootcamp for PoC that connects graduates with high growth careers as software engineers. We do this work not because we think tech is cute; but because our cities need to build pathways to prosperity that are equitably accessible, sidestepping the artificial and racist/classist barriers that preclude too many PoC from participating in our cities' wealth generation. Our current system is both morally and economically unsustainable. We represent an alternative.

What can incoming bootcampers expect to learn from the program? What has success looked like for those who graduated from RC?

We have a solid track record of connecting people with jobs. From our December cohort, 15 of 16 graduates (94%) found jobs as software engineers, averaging $92,000. Of the cohort that just graduated at the end of May, within a week of graduating, 60% of those grads already have signed offers, and almost everyone else is in advanced stages in their interview processes. In fact, 100% of the grads from our inaugural Philly cohort have received offers, most of them over $100,000. And the program is free. Not "income-sharing agreement" free, but actually free. We never ask for any money back. And in fact we pay you to learn.

Why is it important for those from underrepresented and underserved communities to get into tech? What’s the advantage?

We don't care about "diversity," we don't care about bootcamps, and we don't care about placing a couple of folx here and there into jobs. What we care about is economic justice for people of color. We care about the recalibration of power in America. The bootcamp is our Trojan Horse in the walled city of tech: A vehicle for infiltration, and subsequent power shift.

How can people interested join the program?

We have one more recruitment event for people in Philly and Pittsburgh on June 16th. Sign up here:

Black Tech Pipeline X Upstatement

Be a part of designing future art, publishing, and more! 🎨 3 remote positions open, apply today!

The future of the Arts Awaits You!

Upstatement is a digital studio company that contracts with businesses to create and redesign their digital platform. The corporation takes a digital approach to brands and engineers and strategizes them for today’s industry. They imagine, design, and propel their work to make their outcome world class.

All of Upstatement’s projects are based on the fact that they believe that good ideas come from everyone, no matter their background or beliefs. In fact inclusivity is becoming part of everyone’s job at the company. To ensure this practice can grow, some of their new procedures include inclusivity training, regular check-ins with their employees, and more. With these practices at Upstatement you know you will feel included!

Upstatement Wants You!

Upstatement wants you on their team! There are currently 3 remote positions open: Lead Engineer, Engineer and Lead Engineer, Mobile Focus. Learn more about this diverse company here.

Black Tech Pipeline X New York Times 📰

Help share world news with people around the world, by joining this exciting paper today! 10 positions open!

World known newspaper is waiting to hire you!

The New York Times, is a world newspaper that reports current events with journalists that stand a part from all others, on the ground in 150 countries, delivering the news in a number of different forms.

The company is always working to expand their subscribership by increasing their diversity among their employees. This representation at all levels of the company will ensure a vast majority of their readers will have a voice in their paper. It will allow for journalism that is more insightful and relevant. This is your time to shine ☀️ and help people understand the world.

Values of the New York Times Team

Independence - The New York Times delivers the news fairly without any favoritism, they tell the truth, no matter what.

Integrity - The newspaper carries out the trust their readers have in them through their worker’s actions and judgement.

Curiosity - Their employees always ask questions, finding different perspectives, and different ways in doing things.

Respect- To fairly help a global audience understand a vast and diverse world, the newspaper treats their employees and readers with empathy and respect.

Collaboration - Employee’s voices at all levels are heard and in turn, allows the paper to grow and for the news to be published.

Excellence - This team of employees wants to be a role model in how to carry out one’s best. It does not matter what form this is done in, as long as the very best is tried.

Want to be a part of the New York Times?🗽

The New York Times is dedicated to creating a diverse workplace that reflects the society in the world, that they report on. It is your time to join the New York Times and be a part of it!

The New York Times currently has 9 open positions, that can be filled as either remote roles or as part at their New York office, including Senior Software Engineer, Technical Product Manager, and Software Engineer, Observability. They also have 1 opening for an Engineering Manager, Observability, which can only be filled as remote. You can check out all of their 10 positions here.

Black Tech Pipeline X ROI Solutions

Help nonprofits carry out their technology 💻 needs by joining ROI Solutions. 2 positions available in Boston, MA 😀

ROI Solutions is an organization that provides CRM support to nonprofit organizations. ROI is not just a company that does work for these groups but one that partners with them to make the world a better place. Their clients work on a range of issues from civil rights, to equality, to human rights, to animal rights, and gun control. At ROI you know your work is making a difference.


Diversity means everyone comes from a different background. It means that all of these people come together and bring their different backgrounds together.

Equality means everyone has a fair shot, no matter what they had the opportunity to do in the past or where they had the opportunity to do it. It means helping one another so that everyone is able to have every chance now.

Inclusion means being in an environment that accepts you for who you are and in turn makes you feel comfortable to speak your mind, no matter what your past looked like. This in turn, allows everyone to grow and work at their potential.

ROI looks to hire a diverse body of employees to bring all types of ideas to the table and to give a voice to people who may not have had one before.

Want to work in this welcoming community?

ROI currently has an opening for Human Resources Manager (People, Culture, DEI) and an opening for a Database Administrator II (AWS), in Boston, MA. Learn more about this diverse community and their open positions here.

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