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Ellevation 📚

Here at Ellevation, we create impactful technology to support educators and help English Learners realize their highest aspirations.

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Engineering Director


Our tech platform makes clinical trials radically more efficient, so we can bring new treatments to patients faster.

Software Engineer, Full Stack

Engineering Manager

Senior Data Engineer

Aclima 🌎

Tackling a global challenge requires a diverse team of pioneers -- from scientists, mapping operators, and engineers to policy experts, product designers and field technicians. Together, we're transforming billions of data points into breathable communities, a healthy planet, and a brighter future: Join us!

Software Engineer

UI/Front End Developer


CARMERA is the leading road intelligence company, using crowdsourced, camera-only change detection technology to ensure that HD maps always maintain the detail and accuracy necessary to support safe, comfortable, and convenient autonomous driving.

Backend Software Engineer

IoT Engineer

Software Engineer (Android)


MassMutual is a financial institution providing savings and insurance products to customers, headquartered in Springfield, MA, with additional hubs in New York and Boston, and Amherst, MA. Since 1851, MassMutual’s commitment has always been to help people protect their families, support their communities, and help one another. We’re people helping people.

Site Reliability Engineer

API Technical Lead

BI Developer

Cloud/DevOps Lead Engineer

SRE, College Development Program

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Upcoming events🎉

PowerToFly’s Diversity Reboot 2021: The First One Hundred Days where over 200 diversity-focused leaders, (and the 10,000+ women who want to work with and learn from them) will discuss how to harness the energy of the year’s first 100 days as we all carve out and bolster personal and professional plans!

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THE FESTIVAL OF URGENT REINVENTIONS is coming. Feb 4-5th. A free, 2-day event to question and reimagine how we can use our skills to build a more accessible, equitable future. Funding and mentorship is available for winning proposals.

#FOUR2021 #ad

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Are you building the next best thing?

Everyone believes that their own ideas are golden eggs, but only the market will determine if that's true.

Let me start off by saying that I am not a lawyer or consultant in this area. I’m a person who successfully did the following through research, mentorship, speaking to lawyers/consultants, and watching a sh*t load of Shark Tank🦈

I advise doing the same.

As a Software Engineer, I can’t tell you how many people have approached me asking if I’d build their app idea that was going to take off and make us millionaires! What I didn’t tell them was that I heard their same idea by 5 other people prior to them contacting me. Does that mean they shouldn’t pursue building it? Of course not. Look at how many successful companies exist that are selling the same products or services.

There were also people who had more unique business ideas. However, even though something sounds cool, it doesn’t mean it’s necessary or that it will perform well in the market.

Regardless if they were thinking that they could get investor interest with this idea, or successfully bootstrap it from the ground up, there were steps they should have taken before trying to spend time, energy, and money on bringing it to life.

After saying ‘Sorry, but no’, I gave them this feedback:

Does your idea already exist?

If you’re going to provide a service or sell a product, it most likely already exists. That’s totally okay. The question is, what makes yours different? Maybe your differentiator is your competitive pricing, or your turn around, or your impeccable customer service. Whatever it is, it needs to be valuable enough to turn consumers in your direction too. How do you do this?

Look at your competition 👀 🔍 📝

What are they doing well? What could they be doing better? What aren’t they doing at all? Figure out their pain points simply by doing research. Read their reviews on different platforms, look at their ratings, check what their customers are saying. Take all of that research and find ways that you can fit in as a competitor.

Validate ✅

You’ve figured out their pain points, you’ve read their customer complaints. Is that enough to make you a competitor? Well, you can ask. Put out surveys, ask questions in forums and social media. Ask the existing users or customer base which additions or improvements to the existing product would make their lives way more convenient. Figure out if the problem you want to solve is something people really want, and/or need.

Your work doesn’t stop there. Who’s to say that your differentiator isn’t something that your existing competition can’t just easily implement? Again, this is something for you to really think about and figure out.

Once you have confirmation that this is something worth building- build the MVP. I always recommend starting off by doing things for as financially cheap as your product can handle, but not so cheap that it risks the quality. Remember that you’re building MVP, not the finished product. Get your user/customer base flowing, see how it performs, get your user/customer feedback, and build upon that.

Have a new idea to bring to the market? 🧐

Are you sure that it doesn’t exist? How extensive was your research? Have you looked at existing patents and trademarks? Be sure.

What problem is it solving? FYI: The problem that you’re solving doesn’t need to be something huge and revolutionary. It could be something small, yet so inconvenient that it needs a solution.

Now, going back to our last section on validation. Is this something that people want or need? I said, people, not you. We all think that our own ideas are worth spending money on, but does your target market feel the same way? Ask them. Put out surveys and polls, host focus groups, engage with them and pick their brains. Find out if your idea is a pain point they’d be willing to spend money on.

*Side note: Be sure to research if you’d need a patent if this is something that doesn’t yet exist.

Once your validation process is complete, do as what was already stated above:

Once you have confirmation that this is something worth building- build the MVP. I always recommend starting off by doing things for as financially cheap as your product can handle, but not so cheap that it risks the quality. Remember that you’re building MVP, not the finished product. Get your user/customer base flowing, see how it performs, get your user/customer feedback, and build upon that.

This topic is more than what was stated in this newsletter. Committing to bringing an idea to life takes thorough research, and getting advice and feedback from different people. You got the high level tips, now do the low level work💪🏿

New year, new opportunities in the pipeline🥳

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A clean slate, a fresh mindset, and new goals✨

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The Facebook Technical Interview Process

by Outco x Black Tech Pipeline

Are you interested in learning more about the Facebook technical interview process? Join our Facebook Technical Interview Process event to learn how to prepare for and what to expect from each stage of the Facebook Technical Interview Process.

Outco has helped 2,000+ Software Engineers build the necessary technical and behavioral skills to become successful at Technical Interviews, and earn better-paying jobs— Are you ready to level-up your career? Sign up here!


Black Tech Takeover

by Birmingham Black Techies’

Black Tech Takeover is where Black genius, imagination, and entrepreneurial spirit come full circle. Black Tech Takeover is a 3-day digital conference of insights, playbooks, inspiration, networking, and culture for Black technologists, Founders, and Digital Creatives. Sign up here!

Jobs 💵


TrialSpark builds technology to reduce the cost & time of a clinical trial in order to unlock drugs that are collecting dust on the proverbial shelf, so they can be accessed by patients faster.

Hiring 🔍

Software Engineer, Full-Stack (NY)

Engineering Manager (NY)

Senior Data Engineer (NY)


If an app is buggy, slow, or features take forever to get out the door, Corgibytes is the team that gets called in to help. We call ourselves menders — people who find immense joy in maintenance and modernization. We love to fix bugs, pay down technical debt, address security vulnerabilities, reduce complexity, update frameworks, increase test coverage, make it easier to deploy new features, and more to help make our clients’ software more stable, scalable, and secure.

Hiring 🔍

Full Stack Engineer/Polyglot (Lead code whisperer) (remote)


Moz is dedicated to the mission of helping businesses do better marketing. World-class data and future-forward software solutions power the insights that help sites get found online. From our very beginning, we've worked hard to make search engine optimization (SEO) a more thoroughly understood and transparent marketing strategy through educational materials, quality software, and our vibrant community. And behind everything is a team of people committed to staying true to our TAGFEE values — it's not always the easiest way to work, but we believe it's the best.

Hiring 🔍

Sr. Manager, Growth Marketing (remote)

Software Developer | Product Engineering (remote)

Sr. Software Developer | Front End (remote)

Sr. UX Researcher (remote)


At Superhuman, we deeply understand how to build products that people love. We incorporate fun and play; we infuse magic and joy; we make experiences that amaze and delight. It all starts with the right team — a team that deeply cares about values, customers, and each other.

Come shape the future of email, communication, and productivity!

Hiring 🔍

Lead Software Engineer (SF)

Mobile Engineer (SF)


Wistia makes it super easy to manage and share video content, but more importantly we do so in a way that gives our customers complete control over their viewer experience. We don't impose irrelevant ads, we don't draw attention into our own platform, and we don't own our customers' data.

Hiring 🔍

Senior Product Designer (MA)

Senior Designer (MA)

Talent Acquisition Specialist (MA)

Senior Manager of Sales Operations (MA)

Senior Software Engineer (MA)

Growth Marketing Analyst (MA)

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Must-have books by Black women 📚

Give the gift of knowledge this holiday season🎁

Bite-Size Python: An Introduction to Python Programming

By: April Speight

With this playful guide to learning Python, readers can try out activities on their computers for a hands-on learning experience. The artwork in Bite-Size Python represents children of various backgrounds, so any child who picks up this book will be empowered to learn and young readers will love showing their projects to friends and family!

Learn to code for $5👩🏾‍💻

MASSIVE campaign by Packt Publishing!

*ahem* excuse me while I transition into announcement mode…

Do not miss out on this limited time opportunity 📣

If you’re learning to code, currently interested in learning a new technology, or looking to give someone the gift of knowledge: Packt Publishing is offering all of their books and videos for $5 each!

Starting today, December 15th 2020 until January 13th, 2021.

Here are a few of their frontline titles from their web development catalog:

📚 Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS - Third Edition

📚 Learning Angular - Third Edition

📚 React and React Native - Third Edition

📚 Vue.js 3 Cookbook

📚 Svelte 3 Up and Running

Get your debit card out and head to their site now 🎉

👉🏾 Packt Publishing 👈🏾

Apply before the holiday break 🎄

The Black Tech Pipeline job board has 12 incredibly dope companies waiting for you to apply. Get your application in before the break! 🏃🏾‍♀️💨

Superhuman | 3 roles

“Powerful, beautiful, and blazingly fast: Superhuman is the fastest email experience ever made. Experience renewed focus. Heightened productivity. And more time for what really matters.”

ROI Solutions | 4 roles

“Our clients are changing the world. ROI Solutions provides technology solutions and a best-in-class CRM to empower the progressive nonprofit community to achieve their missions.”

HubSpot | 8 roles

“Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise.”

Shopify | 7 roles

“We’re astrophysicists, high school dropouts, salsa dancers, and business owners. The path to Shopify is never a straight line, but the common thread is our ability to thrive on change, operate with trust, and celebrate the diverse perspectives of our people in all that we do.”

Ellevation | 7 roles

“Here at Ellevation, we create impactful technology to support educators and help English Learners realize their highest aspirations.”

Upstatement | 4 roles

“Upstatement is a digital transformational studio. We design brands & products for the future of publishing, art, philanthropy, and more … What does that mean? We make cool stuff with a fresh angle.”

Instantish | 3 roles

“Instantish is building an issue tracker designed to be used by every role in the company, not just those in engineering, product, or design. Instanstish integrates deeply with Slack and other tools where conversation and collaboration happens.”

Drizly | 9 roles

“Drizly is a service that allows customers to order a variety of beer, wine, and spirits directly from local retailers to be delivered to their location through a mobile app or website.”

Wistia | 7 roles

“Wistia is a small, people-first, Cambridge, MA based company working to make business more human with video.”

Starry | 10 roles

“Starry is a different kind of internet service. We use next-generation technology to beam nothing but lightning-fast internet. And we’ve designed everything around the simple goal of making your internet life happier.”

Moz | 7 roles

“We build best-in-class SEO software for every situation, from our all-in-one SEO platform to tools for local SEO, enterprise SERP analytics, and a powerful API.”

Howard Development & Consulting | Ongoing WordPress Developer hires

“When every pixel matters, creative agencies trust us to deliver handcrafted WordPress solutions.”

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