What is #BlackTechPipeline?

Let me show you first…

THIS is #BlackTechPipeline- an innovative community of black people taking charge in the technology industry. This community derived from a single tweet which formed the movement and hashtag #BlackTechTwitter. Granted, these are only a few of the thousands of black techie’s within this movement, and more continue to add themselves to the thread each day, but it’s nice to get a visual representation of what you’re subscribing to, right?

These are black men and women working in all different sectors of the tech industry. We range from web and mobile app developers, cyber security analysts, cryptocurrency experts, to product developers, VP’s and CEO’s. The range is wide! The impact this tweet made is still so amazing and the response continues to be positive. We can also all agree- it’s shocking! “What ‘pipeline problem’?”

#BlackTechPipeline’s purpose is to bring exposure to the skilled and talented people in this movement, empower black people in/pursuing this industry and to bring awareness to the lack of black and brown faces in tech. We’ll be digging deep on a substantial amount of topics, like:

.The “pipeline problem”

- breaking down the pipeline problem

- being black in the workplace

- handling micro-aggressions and toxicity

- where diversity and inclusivity fails / how do we resolve this?

.Personal journeys and experiences into tech / roles

- how tech has influenced lifestyles

.Computer Science degrees, bootcamps/self-taught:

- pro’s, con’s and relations of them

- how to become successful in either route you take

.Interviews with Computer Science/bootcamp professors

- what to expect, how to best prepare and success stories

.Inspirational Influencers: an interview series featuring innovators and supporters of the #BlackTechTwitter community

.Advice from experts on: starting a business, building a brand, networking, finance, investing, real estate, etc.


Innovative Candidates: an interview series on #BlackTechTwitter members looking for their next opportunity to continue growing, thriving and contributing their skills to this cutting-edge industry!

Job and internship opportunities from employers looking to fill their roles with driven and innovative candidates! *Are you an employer and interested in featuring your company in our newsletter? Submit a feature request here*

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