What types of problems do you want to solve?

Check out the problems that these companies are solving with tech.

There are so many problems that can be solved with your skillset- big and small. You can contribute to solving problems like the inequities amongst underserved communities, improving the developer experience, or even a mix of both. Which challenge are you most interested in taking on?

Teach a skill 🚀

Resilient Coders is bridging the equity gap in tech by paying and teaching people of color from underserved communities to code. Not only are they giving underserved people a highly in demand skill, and the tools to succeed, but they’re diversifying an industry with a huge disparity of people of color.

Build equitable products 🌎

Starry is making high quality internet more accessible, and affordable to everyone, without compromising customer experience.

Help teams works better 🤝

Botany is helping development teams work better, and more effectively by focusing on the individuals. Developers don’t just want to build, they want to grow. Botany helps team members attain their goals by providing data around their growth so that managers can help those individuals progress in their career, by giving them more challenging, and interesting problems to solve.

Instantish is building an issue tracker to be used by every role at the company, instead of being restricted to the product and engineering teams. They’ve created a deeply integrated Slack application that blurs the line between issue tracking and conversation. Instead of teams outside of product and engineering going back and forth about issues and updates, they can easily track them right on Slack by using Instantish.

Create a better experience for users 📧

Superhuman is rebuilding the email experience. Aside from being super fast, they’ve built really dope features that make you question why you’d use anything else. Superhuman allows you to unsend emails, see when they’ve been read, get insights from social networks, and way more.

Create a better experience for businesses 😌

Wistia is building tools that help businesses build affinity for their brand through video! They give businesses complete control over their viewer experience- no ads, no drawing attention back to their platform, and their customers own all the data gathered. The focus is totally on the business!

HubSpot took marketing, sales, and service software, and made them all work together in one powerful CRM. Instead of using a bunch of different powerful tools to accomplish growing a business, HubSpot combined that potential for success into one tool.

Shopify is making scaling commerce businesses more maintainable by allowing merchants to easily grow using their platform. Instead of merchants needing to migrate from one platform to the next due to growth, they can comfortably do it all on Shopify.

Moz is helping companies stay visible. Moz builds incredible SEO software to help businesses with their marketing, which leads to traffic increase, search visibility, and rankings. This is all done by staying up to date with the ever changing search algorithms of the internet, indexing the entire internet, and building large-scale data collection tools. You’ll always have something new to learn so that your clients can stay on top.

Make life more convenient for consumers 🥂

Drizly is bringing beer, wine, and spirits straight to your door through their mobile app. Food delivery is so convenient if we don’t have the time or energy to shop or cook for ourselves. Same should apply for drinks, especially during these times!

Face new challenges all the time in agency life 🧗🏽‍♀️

Maybe you don’t want to build one product, or solve one niche problem. That’s fine! Ever thought about joining an agency? You can solve different challenges all the time, and be introduced to new ones that didn’t appear to you before.

Howard Development & Consulting is a creative agency that creates solutions for different client projects using WordPress. HD&C gives you that niche technology, but you get to use it to solve different types of problems.

ROI Solutions is an agency helping progressive nonprofit organizations achieve their missions through technological solutions. ROI gives you a really dope combo of contributing to solving different problems that are also making the world a better place.