Misconceptions of breaking into tech🙅🏽‍♀️

5 gatekeeping statements that just aren't true.

Let’s clear the air for those thinking about breaking into the tech industry🌤

  1. “You have to be passionate about tech.”

    No, you don’t. You have to have a skill set that allows you to contribute to the industry. Reasons for why you gain that skill set are your own, and passion doesn’t need to be one of them. Let’s be honest here - we live in a digitally driven era that requires you to have some sort of technological skill set, or else you risk being left behind and replaced by a machine. There is progressive pressure to be a part of this industry. Let’s not ignore the amazing salaries! Tech is a great equalizer for combatting inequities that underserved communities face.

    If you can do the job - come on in.

  2. “Breaking into tech means becoming a Software Engineer.”

    Not true. I know the first thing you think of when people say, ‘tech industry’ is ‘programmer’, but tech is not limited to Software Engineers. Coding is an incredibly valuable skill and there’s no shortage of Software Engineering roles (you can find a ton here😉 .) However, building software isn’t enough. They need Digital Marketers, Designers, Technical Project Managers, Product Owners, Sales Engineers, Technical Writers, etc. There are so many well paying technical fields within the industry for you to choose from.

  3. “You’ll have a hard time getting a job as a Software Engineer if you don’t have a CS degree.”


    Fine, I’ll explain🙄 :

    It’s just not true. While having a CS degree is valuable, it’s not necessary. Thankfully, more and more companies have realized that you don’t need a CS degree to be a good programmer. Programming is a skill that you can learn right from home or at a bootcamp. I’m not saying that enrolling in school is a waste of time. What I’m saying is that you can become an employed Software Engineer without having gone to school for it.

    I’m a Recruiter - all I do is talk to employers and look at job listings. Software Engineering roles rarely require CS degrees anymore. They require the skill.

  4. “You’ll need to work at a tech company.”

    LIES! As stated above, pretty much every company in existence right now requires a web presence or is using technology to better handle their processes and procedures. This means that you can take your technical skills and go work in Sephora’s technical department or freaking NASCAR’s. Do you love the Hollywood industry? Producers are hiring Engineers to build them apps that better handle hiring production crews. Love equity and justice work? Non-profits and charities hire Engineers to build and maintain their websites so that they can bring awareness to their causes and receive donations.

    You can literally pack up whatever technical skill that you have and take it anywhere.

  5. “It’s too late for you to transition into tech.”

    It’s never too late for anything. I would argue that those transitioning from a totally different industry into tech actually bring a very unique and valuable perspective that those of us who have been here so long, do not. Your non-technical skills and experiences could be very impactful towards to a product, design, process, or community. Go for it!

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