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Superhuman 🦾

“At Superhuman, we see Equity as holding ourselves accountable as leaders to make fair decisions on all things people through fair and transparent systems and processes.”
Roles: 3
Locations: San Francisco, CA
Analytics Lead
Lead Software Engineer
Mobile Engineer

Drizly 🥂

“Equity is important to us as it means all humans in our employee population have fair access to opportunities while being led and surrounded by representation that reflects the diversity of the world.”
Roles: 2
Locations: Remote and Denver, CO - Boston, MA - New York, NY - Austin, TX - San Francisco, CA
Staff Software Engineer (remote)
Senior Software Engineer


At Starry, diversity isn’t only about numbers, it’s also about a mindset that values and celebrates the things that make us different as much as the things we have in common.”
Roles: 10
Locations: Remote and Boston, MA
Data Engineering Manager
Director of Sales
Manager, Field Technician
Fiber Network Project Manager
Principal Embedded Software Engineer
Systems Software Engineer
Vice President, Marketing
Site Reliability Engineer, Internet Firmware Validation
Principal R&D Engineer, Communications
Tier III Network Operations Engineer

HubSpot 🧡

“Your customers aren’t homogenous, so why would your team be? More importantly, building a diverse team is simply the right thing to do.”
Roles: 10
Locations: Remote and Cambridge, MA
Software Engineer
Software Engineering Co-Op (Spring 2021)
Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2021)
Senior Product Designer, Sales
Program Manager, Certification
Product Analyst
Senior Data Engineer
Senior SWE, Marketing Hub

Moz 🤖

“It's not enough to hire people from underrepresented groups. We also need to ensure they feel like they have a sense of belonging once they join our team. Our culture must be inviting to and supportive of everyone.”
Roles: 7
Locations: Remote
Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Developer
Senior Software Developer | Data Platforms
Software Developer|Front-end
Sr. Data Scientist
Website Developer
Senior Node.js Developer
Marketing Coordinator

Resilient Coders 💻

“Our people come first. We believe a company's output or product is just a vehicle through which you can sustain a company that sustains its people; in other words, work should work for the worker.”
Roles: 1
Locations: Boston, MA
Development Associate

Ovia Health 🏩

“We have built an open, transparent culture that allows us to discuss important issues as a group, such as systemic racism, alternative types of families and pronouns, and the struggles of being a working parent. Our leaders encourage feedback about our performance in these areas, and have a track record of turning the feedback into action.”
Roles: 6
Locations: Boston, MA
Senior API Engineer
Growth Marketing Lead (mobile app user acquisition)
Enrollment Marketing Manager- Enterprise Program Participants
Senior Account Manager, Client Success- Healthcare SaaS
Director of Sales- Health Plans
Account Manager, Client Success- Healthcare SaaS

ROI Solutions 🛠

“…we value protecting and promoting the rights of all people, preserving and protecting the environment, protecting animal rights, making this a safe world to live in, giving a voice to the voiceless, a home to the homeless, a meal to those who need it most, promoting health and wellness, and being staunchly against racism, bigotry, and hatred of all forms.”
Roles: 3
Locations: Remote in Boston, MA
Systems Administrator
Software Developer
Database Administrator

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