Black Tech Pipeline X ROI Solutions

Help nonprofits carry out their technology 💻 needs by joining ROI Solutions. 2 positions available in Boston, MA 😀

ROI Solutions is an organization that provides CRM support to nonprofit organizations. ROI is not just a company that does work for these groups but one that partners with them to make the world a better place. Their clients work on a range of issues from civil rights, to equality, to human rights, to animal rights, and gun control. At ROI you know your work is making a difference.


Diversity means everyone comes from a different background. It means that all of these people come together and bring their different backgrounds together.

Equality means everyone has a fair shot, no matter what they had the opportunity to do in the past or where they had the opportunity to do it. It means helping one another so that everyone is able to have every chance now.

Inclusion means being in an environment that accepts you for who you are and in turn makes you feel comfortable to speak your mind, no matter what your past looked like. This in turn, allows everyone to grow and work at their potential.

ROI looks to hire a diverse body of employees to bring all types of ideas to the table and to give a voice to people who may not have had one before.

Want to work in this welcoming community?

ROI currently has an opening for Human Resources Manager (People, Culture, DEI) and an opening for a Database Administrator II (AWS), in Boston, MA. Learn more about this diverse community and their open positions here.