Black Tech Pipeline X New York Times 📰

Help share world news with people around the world, by joining this exciting paper today! 10 positions open!

World known newspaper is waiting to hire you!

The New York Times, is a world newspaper that reports current events with journalists that stand a part from all others, on the ground in 150 countries, delivering the news in a number of different forms.

The company is always working to expand their subscribership by increasing their diversity among their employees. This representation at all levels of the company will ensure a vast majority of their readers will have a voice in their paper. It will allow for journalism that is more insightful and relevant. This is your time to shine ☀️ and help people understand the world.

Values of the New York Times Team

Independence - The New York Times delivers the news fairly without any favoritism, they tell the truth, no matter what.

Integrity - The newspaper carries out the trust their readers have in them through their worker’s actions and judgement.

Curiosity - Their employees always ask questions, finding different perspectives, and different ways in doing things.

Respect- To fairly help a global audience understand a vast and diverse world, the newspaper treats their employees and readers with empathy and respect.

Collaboration - Employee’s voices at all levels are heard and in turn, allows the paper to grow and for the news to be published.

Excellence - This team of employees wants to be a role model in how to carry out one’s best. It does not matter what form this is done in, as long as the very best is tried.

Want to be a part of the New York Times?🗽

The New York Times is dedicated to creating a diverse workplace that reflects the society in the world, that they report on. It is your time to join the New York Times and be a part of it!

The New York Times currently has 9 open positions, that can be filled as either remote roles or as part at their New York office, including Senior Software Engineer, Technical Product Manager, and Software Engineer, Observability. They also have 1 opening for an Engineering Manager, Observability, which can only be filled as remote. You can check out all of their 10 positions here.