Black Tech Pipeline X Hologram 🔌

Join the Hologram team to help users connect to the internet anywhere, at anytime!

Happy Friday! A very awesome company is hiring🪄

Hologram allows its users to carry the connectivity in the palm of their hands using their global cellular platform and network . As one of the world’s best telecommunications companies, they seek to create and maintain a robust Internet of Things that allows you to connect anywhere at anytime in an instant! 


Ownership: Team members are all equity holders and thus owners of Hologram. This means their decision making reflects the company’s and their own best interests! 

Transparency: Information at Hologram is internally available to everyone. Hologram believes that people can work best when there’s little ambiguity and stress if they know where to find all the information they need.

Mindfulness: Diverse perspectives means that Hologram can increase the likelihood of making a good decision. Being wrong is cool and changing their minds with new information helps them create a better world. 


Hologram’s leadership team believes in transparency and maintaining a psychologically safe hybrid working culture where you’re not at a disadvantage just because you’re remote. They’re committed to bring members of underrepresented communities into a company where they are valued and can thrive. Hologram seeks to confront the root causes and close gaps created because of these inequalities. This means transparency and equity in pay structures, building ladders that show opportunities for growth and applying those tools across the organization.

Hologram is hiring for nine (9) remote roles! Learn more about their open opportunities and apply here🪄