Black Tech Pipeline has LAUNCHED 🚀


I know a lot of you are too impatient to read this because you just want to see the new website, but let me get sappy for a second and then I’ll give you the link😭and do NOT try to skim through this newsletter for the URL either lol

I want to say thank you to the #BlackTechTwitter community, and our allies. This movement and community has changed so many lives, but it’s also drastically changed my life in the best way possible. I posted a tweet that I didn’t think would go anywhere. There was no real intention behind it, but it unexpectedly took off and had my phone notifications going absolutely wild! Overnight, we formed a global movement, a community, a hashtag, and a family- #BlackTechTwitter 🌎

The weekend that this^ tweet made its rounds on Twitter, it caught so much attention! Employers from all over were consistently DMing me on Twitter asking if I’d recruit candidates out of our new community and into their pipelines. I was a Software Engineer, not a recruiter, but I figured if I wanted to see more people like me in the tech industry, I might as well make all the introductions I can. I was given the power to create the change I wanted to see, I felt like it was my responsibility to use it.

I was recruiting through the *now* Black Tech Pipeline Slack and Discord communities, asking members if they were looking for work and if they were interested in opportunities I had. As informal as that sounds, it worked! I connected candidates to employers and people were getting jobs. Then I decided to step it up a notch and create a talent database where I could collect talent applications and resumes and use those to source for qualified candidates.

Dope, right? I thought so too, until a couple of candidates who I recruited let me know that some of the companies I recruited them into did not do a good job of making them feel like they belonged there. Hearing that did not shock me, it angered me and I felt disappointed in myself. Regardless if I was doing recruitment for free, I was sending my own people into environments that weren’t safe for them. I wasn’t going to continue doing that. This is what inspired me to come up with Black Tech Pipeline and charge for my services.

For every candidate hired out of Black Tech Pipeline, I virtually stay on the job with them for their first 90 days of employment. I do bi-weekly check-ins with them to ensure that they’re happy, healthy, feeling welcomed, and that they’re being set up for success. I’d also relay feedback I got from the candidate to their manager and discuss next steps that would ensure that this candidate will be successful and happy at the company, and I’d also provide input on the overall companies diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Doing something this intensive requires legitimacy, and formality. I couldn’t continue conducting business straight out of my Twitter DMs forever. I also wanted to do more than recruitment, but still provide exposure and opportunity to the #BlackTechTwitter community. So this is the start to a longer journey that will continue to improve, scale, and create impact in the tech industry. Here is🚀


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