Big opportunity for Philly & Pittsburgh residents interested in learning to code! 💻

Resilient Coders pays & teaches people of color from underserved communities to code. They’re recruiting for their next cohort on June 16, 2021. Don’t miss out!

Black Tech Pipeline interviewed the Resilient Coders team to learn more about how they pay and teach people of color to code and helps them to acquire jobs after they’ve completed the program.

What is the Resilient Coders mission? What problem is RC solving?

Resilient Coders is the future of workforce development: One that is unapologetically and radically equity-led. The vehicle through which we do our work is a highly competitive nonprofit coding bootcamp for PoC that connects graduates with high growth careers as software engineers. We do this work not because we think tech is cute; but because our cities need to build pathways to prosperity that are equitably accessible, sidestepping the artificial and racist/classist barriers that preclude too many PoC from participating in our cities' wealth generation. Our current system is both morally and economically unsustainable. We represent an alternative.

What can incoming bootcampers expect to learn from the program? What has success looked like for those who graduated from RC?

We have a solid track record of connecting people with jobs. From our December cohort, 15 of 16 graduates (94%) found jobs as software engineers, averaging $92,000. Of the cohort that just graduated at the end of May, within a week of graduating, 60% of those grads already have signed offers, and almost everyone else is in advanced stages in their interview processes. In fact, 100% of the grads from our inaugural Philly cohort have received offers, most of them over $100,000. And the program is free. Not "income-sharing agreement" free, but actually free. We never ask for any money back. And in fact we pay you to learn.

Why is it important for those from underrepresented and underserved communities to get into tech? What’s the advantage?

We don't care about "diversity," we don't care about bootcamps, and we don't care about placing a couple of folx here and there into jobs. What we care about is economic justice for people of color. We care about the recalibration of power in America. The bootcamp is our Trojan Horse in the walled city of tech: A vehicle for infiltration, and subsequent power shift.

How can people interested join the program?

We have one more recruitment event for people in Philly and Pittsburgh on June 16th. Sign up here: