Black Tech Pipeline X Cortico🗣

Join the Cortico team to help elevate the unheard voices of members from various communities through machine learning

Cortico helps community based organizations hold and run conversations with members of their community. Cortico automatically transcribes and indexes those conversations, which are searchable to the organizers of those particular communities. Cortico also uses NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) to find common themes in those conversations. This allows organizers to really understand their community members concerns and needs.


Cortico was founded to help give a voice to the under-heard, which is what they also practice internally. During the hiring process, all candidates are asked to perform a take home assignment instead of answering white boarding questions and hear back from Cortico within 3 weeks of applying. As a Cortico employee, you can expect leadership to be understanding and attentive. They understand that everyone’s needs and lives are different, and try to work around that as best that they can.


Cortico currently has 1 open position for a remote Product Manager! More about Cortico can be found here.

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